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Location Blues

So, it’s raining, there are flood warnings, and there’s also a drought warning. And people think I’m contrary? Anyway, to cut a long thought short, it’s got me mulling over where I want to be right now, instead of sitting at my desk staring out at a violet and charcoal bulge of cloud looming in from the west, ready to burst over the Euston Rd.

I’ve always loved books that transport me to places: the fecund, tropical island of Dominica in Jean Rhys’s THE WIDE SARGASSO SEA, the vast white space of snow and ice in Jenny Diski’s SKATING TO ANTARTICA, the spice infused smells and sounds of fans whirring in the India of Paul Scott’s THE RAJ QUARTET or the sweltering heat of that infamous Long Island summer sojourn in F Scott Fitzgerald’s THE GREAT GATSBY.Of the books that we publish here at Headline, there are many that will carry you gently to another place, and Andrea Levy’s SMALL ISLAND bundles both the sun-drenched Caribbean and grimy 1950s London in one volume.  This year, we’ve had Eowyn Ivey taking us to a magical Alaskan landscape in THE SNOW CHILD, Roopa Farooki jet-hopping from Lahore, Hong Kong, Paris and Biarritz in THE FLYING MAN, Emylia Hall returning to an idyllic Hungarian summer in THE BOOK OF SUMMERS and Victoria Hislop luring us to the hidden backstreets ofT hessaloniki in THE THREAD. Forthcoming, let me tempt you with the vast plains of the Karoo desert in Barbara Mutch’s THE HOUSEMAID’S DAUGHTER, the secrets hiding in the beautiful yet forbidding hills of the Appalachians in Julia Keller’s A KILLING IN THE HILLS or a delicious campari and lemon infused Sicilian escape in Nicola Doherty’s THE OUT OF OFFICE GIRL.

That’s enough, I’m feeling refreshed. Back to the desk. Work to be done. But before I go, let me invite you to post or comment with your favourite book locations…

Nicola Doherty takes us to Italy's sun-drenched, seductive Sicily in THE OUT OF OFFICE GIRL







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Headline toasts 3 World Book Night titles!

On Monday 24th October the official 25 World Book Night titles were unveiled at drinks reception at Waterstone’s Piccadilly.

We at Headline were lucky enough to have three titles on this year’s list: The Take by Martina Cole, The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox by Maggie O’Farrell and Small Island by Andrea Levy.  Neil Gaiman was also selected for his Good Omens title written with Sir Terry Pratchett.  Andrea Levy attended the launch which was held in the swanky 5th floor bar in Waterstones’ flagship store.

The Take   The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox   Small Island

Following the hugely successful launch of World Book Night in March earlier this year, next year on 23rd April, over one million books will be distributed at venues across the country including prisons, hostels, pubs and hospitals.  This year’s selection was partly chosen by members of the public, who helped to draw up a list of 100 books over the summer.  Those 100 titles acted as a starting point for the final shortlist, which was decided by a panel of experts chaired by novelist Tracy Chevalier, and featuring two members of the public amongst their number.  One of the members of the public was Chris Queree, a giver in 2011 who has spent over five and a half years working in literacy development at HMP Bristol. He made a touching speech at the announcement party where he talked about the importance of reading for those that might not have easy access to books.

The full list of 25 titles, plus details of how to apply to become a volunteer distributor, are available on the World Book Night website.  Make sure to sign up to be a volunteer, and who knows, you might be giving away one of our three Headline titles!

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